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Download iOS 10- How to Download iOS 10 on iphone 6 and 6s

How to Download iOS 10 on iphone 6 and 6s

Apple Recently announced Official update for Iphone and iPad to be upgraded to iOS 10. So to Help you guys how to update and Install iOS 10 on your I-phone and I-pad we have brought up a tutorial on How to Download iOS 10 on your Iphone and Ipad. If you want any other help and advice on how to upgrade your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to iOS 10 firmware, Then this is the Last tutorial you will Ever Need. The following tutorials will walk you through each step of the iOS 10 upgrade process making upgrading easy to do. We will also be providing you with video instructions and iOS 10 download links.

How to Install iOS 10 :

We will Provide you with 3 methods on How to Install iOS 10 on your apple device.You can choose from any of the three following methods but, before you begin, backup your device data through iTunes and iCloud to make sure you don’t lose everything if something goes wrong during the upgrade.  Once you have upgraded successfully, you will be able to restore your data from your backup.

Next, you need to make sure you have sufficient space on your device for the upgrade. Clear off any unwanted files and unused apps, temporary and cache files can be deleted and move your media onto an external form of storage – you can put it all back on your iOS device afterwards

Method 1 –Install iOS 10 using OTA :

The smallest upgrade size and ideal for those who do not want to jailbreak in the future as jailbreaking and OTA do not work together:

  1. On your iOS device, open your Settings app
  2. Tap on General
  3. Tap on Software Update
  4. So long as your device is connected to the internet you will see a popup message prompting you to download the update
    download ios 10
  5. Instructions will be given on the screen – follow them

download ios 10

This is best done via Wi-Fi as it will use up a chunk of your data allowance or cost you dearly in provider fees.

Method 2 – Using iTunes to Install IOS 10 on iphone

The most popular download method, can be used with jailbreaking:

  1. Make sure you update to the latest iTunes version
  2. Connect your device to your computer and open iTunes
    download ios 10
  3. Go to the Device Summary page for your connected device
  4. Click Update
    download ios 10
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to download iOS 10 to your device
  6. When the upgrade is complete, your device will reboot and you will be presented with the “Hello” screen
    download ios 10

Method 3 –  Download And Install IOS 10 using IPSW Files :

This is also a recommended method for those looking to get iOS 10 Jailbreak . This involves manual installation of iOS 10 firmware file , .ipsw file as we say it .

  1. Download iOS 10 IPSW file for your device
  2. Update iTunes to the latest version if you haven’t already
  3. Connect your iOS device to your computer and open iTunes
  4. Go to the Device Summary for the connected device
  5. Hold down Shift [Windows] or ALT| OPTION [Mac] and click on Restore in iTunes at the same time.
    Download IOS 10
  6. Navigate to the iOS 10 IPSW file you downloaded and select it
    Download IOS 10
  7. iTunes will now begin to download iOS 10 onto your device ios_9_restore_in_progress
  8. When the upgrade is done, your device will reboot and you will see the “Hello” screen

Please remember that the OTA method is not compatible with jailbreaking so if there is a chance that you might jailbreak your device, use an iTunes method to upgrade.

Download iOS 10 IPSW Links :

If you opt for the IPSW and iTunes method, make sure you download the version that corresponds to your iOS device

Note : iOS 10.0 download is available now .

  • iOS 10 [ Features ]
  • iOS 10.0.1 [ Not Released ]
  • iOS 10.0.2

Hope you found this article helpfull. If we helped you to Install iOS 10 on your apple devices Kindly Share this link with your friends and family.

Updated: September 6, 2016 — 9:53 am


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