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Host Editor Clash of Clans 8.551.24 Unlimited Mod/Hack APKs!

Host Editor Clash of Clans Custom Mod/Hack v6.322.3

Unlimited Gems, Gold and Elixir

Clash of Clans Unlimited Gems, Gold and Elixir! No Ban!

You heard  it right! yes we want  to bring you the Mod/Hack of Clash of Clans, currently, the topmost and most trending  game in stores . Tested repeatedly, for stability, this mod is definitely planning to enhance your level of gaming! we say kindheartedly thanks To on hax for this ,they tend to currently have enough Servers to show to the Public!

What are the steps to get Unlimited Gems, Gold and Elixir!

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You must  have a rooted Android device.

  1. Download the latest version of Clash of Clans from Google play store
  2. Download and Install Hosts Editor from the Google Play Store or from Here
  3. Open the app and press the + sign on the top
  4. In the Hostname field type: &
  5. In the IP Address field type a server ip (given below) [screenshot]

iOS {iphone users}

Your iDevice should be jail broken to do this

  1. Download latest version of Clash of Clans from AppStore
  2. Open it once and close it
  3. Download and Install iFile to your computer
  4. Connect your iDevice and Open /etc/hosts via iFile [screenshot]
  5. Add a new row like given below[screenshot]

<server ip>

<server ip>

We bring you the Mod/Hack of Clash of Clans, currently,  the most trending game. Tested many times, for stability, this mod is surely going to enhance your level of gaming! Attack other players, and loot their resources. This is a perfect mirror of official server, except that you get everything Unlimited!

Server Information

Servers Status
Clash of Onhax S1 Online
Clash of Onhax S2 Online
Clash of Onhax S3 Offline

Server information


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Host Editor Clash of Clans Unlimited Mod/Hack v6.322.3

host editor for clash of clans

host editor clash of clans

COC UNLIMITED MOD S1 8.332.16 APK (61 MB) | Mirror

COC UNLIMITED MOD S2 8.551.24 APK (61 MB) | Mirror

COC UNLIMITED MOD S3 8.551.24 APK (61 MB) | Mirror

NEW UPDATE OF S3 is coming! So put for maintenance.

Note: If you are having downloading issues, Untick ‘Download…’ in the download page

Its working perfectly. If you are facing login issues, its due to huge load on server. Try at different time.

All servers are of equal capacity. Choose randomly so that there is no load on a single server.

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COC MOD Flamewall APK (46.1 MB) | Mirror

Hope this trick for Host editor clash of clans works for you.If you face any issues contact us.We are ready to help

Updated: March 4, 2017 — 1:44 pm


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  1. It won’t work just makes my game not load great way to screw ppl

    1. The update has been patched, We are not here to screw anyone.
      You can leave, no one forced you to browse our site.

  2. no working

    1. Sorry to hear that bro but its working fine for all our users.kindly tell us what problem you are facing

  3. It’s not working anymore i guess …. Moderate please help

    1. its working fine as per my knowledge…what error are u receiving?

      1. I have the latest version of coc in my computer – 8.116.2. not loading.

        1. It may be server issue.please retry again after sometime.Sometimes users face such issue but after reloading it works fine

      2. I have latest version of COC
        It’s not loading
        When I remove ip and host name
        It’s start normally

        1. The server has been down from quite some time..Try some other server if you find any

  4. Comment Text*hey just download es file explorer and see on wep how to fix when CIC game crashes a lots!!!

    1. You need to download the latest version again from the link given and install..It will work fine.and server is under maintenance so keep checking this place for more updates.Thanks for being with us

  5. guys it is not loading what should we understand ??!!
    that youre server is closed huh??
    fast help me what should i do?

    1. Server is under maintainance so kindly bear with us

  6. Please help me it’s not working not loading

    1. The server is under construction so kindly bear with us

      1. When it gonna completed please tell me?

  7. seta bien chido

  8. when it complete please tell me?

    1. We are extremely sorry as the server is down from quite sometime.The original person behind server has taken it down.We are still trying to figure out something new for our users

  9. can’t write Server IP in Address field

  10. pleaseee help me its not loading please help me

    1. We are extremely sorry as the server is down from quite sometime.The original person behind server has taken it down.We are still trying to figure out something new for our users

  11. it says clash of clans is not responding 🙁

  12. its not working for me i dont know why but
    it says clash of clans is not responding 🙁

  13. its not working for me i dont know why but
    it says clash of clans is not responding 🙁
    how to solve that???

    1. we are sorry to inform you that the server is down so the mod of clash of clans wont be working.

  14. After I completed all the steps of host editor I opened coc but the gems and all are in that old way only

  15. No me gusta
    No me funciono

  16. Unable to connect to server

  17. Saya yang IP adrees sama dibawahya?

    1. Sorry but support team is only in english.Can u please say it in english

    2. Ip address same dibawahya

  18. My Coc get strucked in the main screen. Not able to play… Help I need unlimited gems. Pls help

    1. The Host editor trick is no longer working as the main server is taken Down by the Original person who made it.Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

  19. It not working for me at this moment it just sits on the loading screen

    1. check this space again to get latest updates.

  20. hello My coc is not able to load…. help need unlimited resources and gems. thanx in advance

    1. try to install original apk from play store as the modded version is no longer working

  21. Hello my Coc is not loading at all. plz help need unlimited resources and gems. Thanx in advance

  22. Not working loading only

    1. ohk bt as u knw the server has been taken down so we cant help you guys now.Just wait for the Server to be setup again

  23. What I write in up a dress

    1. Just check the ScreenShots you will understand easily

  24. Sir is that the original server of coc or private..actually in a private server we can not play our game as earlier tym we had played ..coz our clans are not showing when we search for it…so if you don’t mind may I know the possible ways to play in original server with unlimited gems….Sir please let me know something about the matter..I had tried a lot of coc apps.but most of them are need to be played on their private server..that’s why I can not play with my old clanmates…please short out the issue..I will be very thankful for your precious time

    1. Sir for your information Hacking through original server is not possible at all So we have added this private server which helps you do all the mods and stuff.

  25. sir is the new server developed or not
    when will you do that.

    1. Sorry to keep you waiting but the server was not our’s. So we No idea when will server be back up.But once the server is back up we will keep you informed.Stay tuned

  26. Sir my clash of clans didn’t load after I change the host it is freze at loading… Can u help me plz

    1. Server is taken Down due to some issues.Kindly install official Clash of clans from the Google Play Store

  27. when itwill set up

    1. we have no idea about how long will it take

  28. why its only loading for several minutes?

    tnx in advance

    1. The server is offline. Kindly install official apk from google play store

  29. is the server back up now? kindly reply 😉

    1. No not yet bro. You will be notified once its up again

  30. It’s a nice game

  31. it is very nice

  32. Hey please help me to get my IP ADDRESS men

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