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How To send songs in WhatsApp for iPhone-3 Methods Updated

How To send songs in WhatsApp for iPhone

How to Send Music Files in Whatsapp From Iphone:Whatsapp is controlling the market as a totally free messenger from previous 2 years. You just need web joined to your own apparatus, and you’re done. Almost every OS platform has whatsapp application, including blackberry, iOS and Android Smartphones.

Because it’s open source and powered by Google, app developers have good control over android OS. It is the specialty of Google it takes care of its users and developers both. IOS programmers, it’s simple for Android developers to make programs to.

Because of this, whatsapp has built-in choices for Android, but not for iOS. Additionally bluestack lets Mac and Windows users to run Android programs on their computers, while no emulator that is such can be found in the marketplace for iOS. Follow my previous guide for help if you need to install whatsapp.

After having an eye on it, it attempted on my Samsung galaxy S3 mini and found that Android has built in choice to get this done. Following a quick research I found a way to send music files from whatsapp, which will be a bit tricky.

Other Working Approach to Include Music Sending Alternative to WhatsApp is Here. [ For Jailbroken Devices Just]

Below are the processes to send music files.

Method 1: To Send Music Files in Whatsapp From Iphone

Sharing music files via WhatsApp is not difficult because Nitin Gohel a iOS apps programmer has launched its program to talk about jokes and music via WhatsApp, it is possible to send music files using its variant that is free and in paid version you are able to avert advertisements. Moreover, I’ve talked one other programmer and he’s told me that he is going to share another iOS app that can allow their Whatsapp status to change automatically after every 12 hours, that app will probably be powered by pingzic.

Step 2: Open it and click on tunes’ tab also it will reveal all of your tunes from your native iOS music program.

Step 3: Tap on the name of tune and you will get the option to send it select this option and your tune begins sending.

Shareapp iOS

Method 2: How to Send Music Files from Iphone In Whatsapp

The first thing you’re required to do will be to install Google drive on your Computer. By clicking here, in case you don’t need to install it, then open it online. You must have a Google account to conduct this endeavor.

Step 1: Login to your Google drive by picking the upload option from the top left of the screen, and upload your desired tunes in it.

To do this, visit the app store and search “Google Drive” and install the 1st Google drive program.

Google Drive in program storeStep 3 login with all the same Google ID to the Google drive program, formerly used in your desktop computer. Merely after login, you’ll see all of the uploaded tunes uploaded from your Computer.

Google drive iOS

Sign-in Google driveStep 4:In front of the tune name, there is a help/options icon on the best side, click on that.

options iconStep 5: Now in the menu, select the choice of “open in…” and you will see whatsapp icon after few seconds in a pop-up window.

Open in….

Whatsapp iconNow pick the person to whom you want to send the file as well as your music file is sent successfully via whatsapp.

Music file sent

Method 3:To send songs in whatsapp for iphone.

  1. Install iZip on your iPhone. Open the program.
  2. Select Music Library.
  3. Open a folder (e.g. Albums).
  4. Tap Select in the top right of the screen and choose the song you want to send with WhatsApp. …
  5. Tap the Zip button at the bottom center of the interface. …
  6. This will open the folder Local Files. From there, you can select the ZIP file you just created.
  7. You’ll be asked Would you like to extract all files? Tap OK .
  8. This automatically creates and opens a folder in Local Files with the decompressed song. Then select the file .
  9. Now, tap Open In (at the bottom center of the screen) and, from the choices that appear, select Open in WhatsApp.
  10. It will open WhatsApp automatically. Select the user you want to send the MP3 to, and when it asks you to Send to [contact name], click on Yes.
  11. At this point, the file will load and send. When the recipient receives it, you can listen to it by tapping the Play icon next to the music file.

Updated: May 7, 2016 — 9:53 am

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