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Jio 4GB limit Bypass-Get 4G Speed After 4GB Data (Speed Cap Solution)

How To Bypass JIO 4GB Capped Limit

Bypass Jio 4Gb limit:In this article You get All Answers of this topics – bypass 4gb data Daily Limit , Get 4G Speed After 4GB Data Speed Cap Solution ,  Jio 4G trick avoid speed capping in Welcome or Preview offer , Increase Download speed after 4Gb Data.

Reliance Jio is giving Free Jio Sim with Unlimited 4G internet , and other Unlimited Benefits. But you get 4G Speed till 4GB data in one Day then you get only 128 Kbps which is slower than 2G speed, By this Welcome offer you can access 120 GB free 4g internet till 31st December in one month with 4G Speed if You Access more than 4GB in a day then Your Speed is Goes to 128 Kbps so here we post a very good method to get 4G speed after 4GB data in Reliance Jio Sim. After this you can access unlimited internet without any speed capping by Reliance Jio 4G trick.By following all steps you can bypass jio daily limit and you can access free internet with Jio speed.
jio 4gb

How to Uncapp the JIO 4GB Data Limit ?

1. First of delete your all jio app including my jio apps
2. Now download MyJio v3.2.05 provided link below
3. Now off your data connection and open myjio apps ….
Click on get jio sim options and now on your data connection you will get a msg like congratulations you have activate your preview offer …
4. Now just go back an immediately click on skip login or sign up ..
Now you automatically login to your jio account
Congrats your jio preview offer come back without any 4gb conditions …
Now use unlimited net and looting jio …..

Reliance Jio Fiber Plans 

Most important now never open your my jio apps and never try to update and login otherwise you will gonna again convert to welcome offer

Download MyJio 3.2.05

Get 4G Speed After 4GB Data (Speed Cap Solution)

Video Tutorial To bypass 4Gb limit in Jio

If you wants to know more about Reliance Jio Sim then click here. If you Still not buy reliance Jio Sim then buy in just 10 to 15 minutes also check Old method to get reliance Jio sim by my jio app. If you wants to port your existing Mobile number in Jio sim and get welcome offer. How much it cost after Jio Welcome Offer know tariff plans. Jio also launches many apps like Jio tv app , Jio Join app , Jio Money wallet and other 9 apps to Increase Jio customers. One More important thing if you don’t have 4G mobile Still you can get 4G signal in your 3g enabled mobiles.

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Updated: August 29, 2016 — 9:53 am


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  1. If it not worked then is my welcome offer will also be gone?

    1. No bro it wont happen. If the trick doesnot work you will still be on welcome offer no matter what happens.

  2. Hii..this trick can we use for lyf mobile..when i install all app .there is no msg come like get jio..wat to do ..pls reply

    1. Yes we can use this trick on lyf mobile too as i am using personally. Just download my jio from above link and sign in, then u will get preview offer back. Check and reply here

  3. Doesnt work if you buy a sim after 5 sep. All these myjio tricks are useless if you didnt buy the sim before 5 sep.

    1. These tricks are all hit and trial tricks which may work and may not work.My friends who got sim even after 5th are using this tricks and even some people who got sim before 5th are unable to use this. So kindly Don’t generalise if it didn’t work for you or you were not able to follow steps properly.

  4. Is this trick work for jio sim activated through e-kyc process comes with bundled welcome offer bought on sept16 ?

    If this not work any other trick which work on this ?

    1. You can try this method and confirm. As in 10 out of 15 cases this method has worked for us

  5. I think this trick is working on the jio sims which have been activated before 5 september. Because my friend purchasd in august and me on 17 sept. And the given trick is working on his sim. I am very much jealous of him nd at the same time i am regrettig that why i had not purchased it in august. Please help me with any other trick

    1. Sorry to hear that bro as we already said this trick is hit and trial so we really cant say anything but right now we don’t have any other trick..We will post trick if we get any other soon

  6. When I clicked on Get Jio Sim.. It showed that the Bar code has been already redeemed but the speed is only 10kbps
    No Improvement.
    I have SIM that came with the LYF mobile.
    Please help if u can on my whatsapp no. 7726852145.

    1. Do u Turn off the data before opening my Jio App??

  7. i m doing this trick in my lyf phone jio preview offer is written on dashboard only 4 gb usage is written on my jio old app

    1. Have you Downloaded Correct Version of App as this issue is not there in earlier version of app.Kindly check your MyJio Version

  8. It display no message when I click on get jio sim and turning on data.
    So plz help me

    1. Don’t click on get jio sim without turning on data.Once You turn on Data u will see “No internet Connection Disappear”. After that Click on Get Jio Sim

  9. Hey this trick working till 19 sep now this trick is not working find new way please

    1. the trick is working fine to get unlimited data kindly follow all the steps.

  10. My jio app shows me i m in preview offer..but after i used a mes that ur 4gb daily limit is over.. what shoukd i do now?

    1. Some.other users are also facing this issue bt even their speed is not capped.kindly check your speed

  11. I have installed and clicked on get jio sim but i received no msg……
    Then i signed in it says enjoy ur jio preview offer….
    But there is no msg on my sim…

    1. It worked already for you bro

  12. It worked!!!
    Thanks a lot!!

    1. thanks bro.Hope you will follow our other tricks too

  13. This is a working trick,
    I suggest all to try this.

    1. Thanks for your kind words bro. I hope you have shared it with your friends

  14. It says Preview offer but 4GB cap still exist

    1. Can u please redo all steps.As u can check comments too it has worked for alot of people here too.

  15. i hve also bought sim in august but its still not working

    1. Yeah its working fine so why dont you try out the trick and confirm the same

  16. Thanks bro it’s working even with my new my jio app. I just opened old my jio app clicked on get my jio sim and then uninstalled all jio app with my jio app and then i installed new my jio app and skipped sign in and it worked!!!!!!

    1. Really happy to find such words from users.Do share the trick with friends and family so they can enjoy too.

  17. Man I am on preview offer till 30 October I used Ur trick and it worked for some days but now when I open and sign in in old myjio no preview offer pop-up is showing instead it shows 0kb out of 2Gb. Not preview offer anymore but my preview offer validity is up to 30oct. Please help Please help ….

    1. Sorry for this bt i dnt think u should have this issue as no one faced the same till now.just login in latest myjio app and check ur usage and offer details and comment so we can check it and help

      1. I faced the same , i entered preview offer then i updated myjio app then et showed that 4gb speed cap and welcome offer page

        1. You dont have to update the myjio app once you have received preview offer back.

  18. Thanks heaps!!!

    Worked for me absolutely setting torrents on fire

    1. We are really happy to help our users.keep.downloading and keep enjoying.make sure to share our blog

  19. Guys,

    The technical team at Jio has fixed this loop now. You get a My Jio Update pop up which makes you update the app before u can proceed further. This pop up has a view more button but that doesnt work (clever move by Jio) May be Black Eagle should work on this and help us find a hack to deal with this popup screen.

  20. Do I also need to delete net velocity from my LYF phone.

  21. Everything is fine but after i see the preview offer display just go back but after signup it shows jio no already activated and when i click on skip it doesn’t automatically sign in and when i sign in manually nothing will be change its only show welcome offer please helo bro asap

    1. you dont need to do anything once you have clicked the preview should work.Just try to utilise 4Gbs for good use 😛 and check speed after 4GB

  22. But when i sign in old jio app it shows data limit of 4gb for example u have 3 gb data left out of 4

  23. All is going good but when I click on skip sign in it shows that your device should have a jio sim in it to automatically sign in. What i s the solution for that .

    1. Are you using this trick in.the same mobile which has youe jio sim or on other mobile.connected via hotspot

  24. I m using in the same Mobile. I have mi4i and in that I m using jio sim.

  25. First When I Clicked on get jio sim option it didnt show like yes you have an preview offer. It just shows that Jio Preview Offer and details of the same. After that I opened the my jio app but it forced me to update and gave me msg like you dont have jio sim in your phone.

  26. How can I redeem my barcod for jio sim card….please help me with it black Eagle

    1. have you generated the bar code from Myjio app. If so you can go to nearest Reliance Digital and show them your code with valid adhar id and 2 pictures of you and they will issue you Jio Sim as per availability

  27. Hii.. I followed ur trick in my Lyf mobile.. I installed the old my jio app version as advised by u but i am not gettythe get jio sim option. Instead, when I pressed the sign in option I got the message that my preview offer will expire in 34 days.. but my internet speed is still 128 kbps. I had already consumed 44gb data for the day before applying this trick..

    1. if you have already consumed 44Gb it means u had unlimited data and using trick you cannot extent the preview offer.this trick is just for getting your preview offer back.Hope i made my self clear

  28. After barcode redeemed what I should to do

  29. After barcode redeemed what I should to do. Tell me bro

  30. I have an activated jio sim. Can I use my friend’s LYF phone to activate unlimited data on my sim?

    1. yes you can. i myself using this trick in lyf flame mobile and daily i use over 20Gb of data

  31. dude i have tried it many times but when i click on skip sign in it shows that you should be having jio sim in your device. what to do, i bought my sim in September i am using redmi note 3. and please is it even working or not now

    1. Sorry to hear that br but as u have read the post. this method is hit and trial that means it may or may not work and in your case it didnt work.

  32. Hey I’m having jiofi router….. For this I have to follow these steps?

    1. Yes just insert sim in any 4g device and follow this steps for jiofi routers

      1. Thanks I will try it…

  33. I am not getting the option get jio sim

    1. While opening my jio

  34. Great bro. Its working trick for Jio Speed Cap Solution Thanks! 🙂

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